Kate E A Berridge

Dip. Traditional Healing, Dip. Animal Psychology

Accredited Course Provider

My Story


I have worked with animals for over 40 years. I began as a teenage volunteer for the RSPCA. I then became a head kennel maid for a national animal charity. For 27 years I worked in private animal rescue, alongside many sanctuaries around the UK.

I am a qualified Healer, animal psychologist and an ethical, down-to-earth person with a commitment to animal well-being. 


As well as my private practice, based near Louth Lincolnshire, I teach accredited Animal Communication and Healing courses, which includes psychology. I also work in Sheffield. My courses are suitable for anyone interested in working for animal well-being in a Holistic way, from introduction to practitioner level.


In addition to my teaching and one-to-one work I give talks about the ethics of working with animals and the it's links with ecology.