Animal Communication 


Otherwise known as animal whispering and animal listening.

This is an age-old practice that can help you understand your

animal's feelings and physical conditions.

Animal communication can bring wonderfully positive results. 


A visit from Kate Berridge gives your animal an opportunity to communicate and be heard. When the underlying problems are understood it is much easier to find positive ways to make them happy and healthy again. 




Energy Healing  


Hands-on-Healing is a gentle, safe and powerful therapy

that works positively on the animal receiving. 


Life-energy is channelled through the healer's hands

and can produce remarkable change for the better. 


It is appropriate for every condition: mental and

emotional problems, as well as chronic and acute illnesses. 


Healing can also benefit animals at the end of their lives.




Distance Healing 


Is when the Healer sends energy through Healing meditation.


This service is also given free for one month, for any animal

who has been to see Holistic Animal Therapy for Healing, Dietary Advice and Animal Communication.




Happy Life Advice For Small Mammals 


This is a special offer of a big package for small animals. 


A one-off session covering food, general health and happiness for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, etc. 




Animal Dietary Therapy


This package of 2 appointments includes:

animal communication, an individual diet plan,

follow up advice for one month and 

a diet review one month after the initial appointment



People are becoming more aware of the problems with human food, highlighted by BSE, the foot and mouth crisis, etc. Diets based on factory-produced pet food are unhealthy and unnatural.

The production of processed animal food contributes considerable pollution to our precious Earth.


More and more we choose healthier food for our own bodies. Awareness of green issues is also growing. Dogs, cats and other animals also 'are what they eat'. 


The Green Dog & Cat Dietary Therapy can provide an easy way forward, to real health for companion animals.

I believe that many animal health problems can be substantially alleviated by the feeding of natural,life-giving foods.


The diets are not much effort if you love your animal friend and take less time to prepare than your own main meal.  




Animal Psychology


This incorporates animal communication and deals with specific issues that are causing problems; for example, anxiety, aggression, biting, toilet training, etc. 


This is suitable for all animals. 




End Of Life Care


This is a service offered to ease the pain of your animal, when s/he is approaching the end of their life. It is also designed to help you make the right decisions at this time. I have years of experience in end of life care and can offer the support and information that you and your beloved animal need. 




Animal Funeral Ceremonies


Loving ceremonies designed with you for your friend at the end of their life. Memorial tree planting is also an option.